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The digital experience is inextricably intertwined with today’s businesses. You might spend hours on the web — sourcing vendors, checking references, researching new markets, etc. That means making your browser faster, more secure, and easy to use should be a priority.

This guide will help you customize your internet experience using some easy on-board functions that come with Chrome. Why focus on Chrome? While it may not have the same stranglehold that Internet Explorer enjoyed in the early years, Chrome is the most popular browser out there, accounting for 44.5 percent of users.

1. Reduce eye strain

Looking at small, seemingly endless walls of text on a backlit screen is a recipe for eye strain and headaches. Making the font larger can make everything more readable, but a quick zoom leaves you back to the default on the next page.

To permanently resize text for easy viewing, click on the three vertical dots sitting at the top right of the browser. From there, select “Settings,” and look under the “Appearance,” heading. Select the font size of your choice using the drop-down arrow.

2. Improve efficiency with Auto-Fill

Filling out forms can eat up a lot of time, but not when you have one-click auto-fill enabled. This function allows you to designate information that will be the default every time you’re filling out a form.

To turn on the one-click fill option, you’ll need to go to Chrome:\\flags and enable the “single-click auto fill” option. A quick ctrl+f button push will let you find the flag you want in a hurry. Just remember that Chrome flags are still in beta, so they may not work on all sites or with all devices.

3. Turn on smooth scrolling

For all the scanners out there (and who isn’t when trying to read work material in a hurry) smooth scrolling gets rid of the jerks and jumps that interrupt your screen as you scroll down a page. Enabling smooth scrolling is another flag option on Chrome that lets you scan a lot of information quickly.

4. Sign up for password-free logins and better security

Chrome 67 now includes the use of password-free logins using web authentication as an alternative. You can sign into compatible sites using an alternative method like biometrics (fingerprint scanners), mobile devices, or a portable device like a YubiKey. You can even continue to use passwords if you want a two-factor authentication for greater security.

5. Extend into ad-blocking

Chrome extensions offer numerous ad-blocking options, which can boost your productivity and reduce your online risk. Ads are one avenue that hackers can use to infiltrate your network. Blocking them reduces the temptation to head off into a cyberhole and helps seal up a potential vulnerability.

To set up your ad-blocking, simply go the to the Chrome Web Store, search for AdBlock, and click the button at the top right that says, “Add to Chrome.” That’s how easy it is to enable extensions in Chrome.

5 Chrome tips to get you started

These are just a few of the options that allow you to create a custom and more efficient browsing experience. With Chrome you can add everything from automatic update notifications and calendar management to automated tab closing. The options are endless, so explore how you can turn your web browser into an important tool for your business. And if you’d like more guidance, check out this article on 5 additional tips for a better browsing experience.

Rebecca Moore

Sales and Marketing Specialist at Stronghold Data