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May 27th, 2022 – NEW YORK CITY: Stronghold Data was named the winner of the MSP Cybersecurity Training Program at the Channel Partner Insight US MSP innovation Awards 2022.

“Stronghold Data is honored to have received this award. We take cyber education very seriously, because we believe that the best defense against cyber threats is knowledge. A company is only as strong as its weakest link, which is why we offer comprehensive Cyber Awareness Trainings to clients and non-clients alike,” said Stronghold Data CEO James Richards.

Stronghold Data was selected as a winner rising above hundreds of entries from their peers and competitors in the technology sector: a market where spend is expected to reach $7 trillion within the decade.

As companies gear up to capture market share from this, CPI Editor Nima Sherpa Green said the awards are about celebrating success, and those who are serving as extraordinary examples of innovation in the US.

“We want to shine a spotlight on those in our industry who are already leading from the front in a fast-paced, highly ambitious field. What we’ve seen over the last year has shown us that more than ever, being innovative is a real differentiator for progress,” said Green.

“Entries were extremely competitive, and those who won did so by proving they are truly galvanizing the channel to advance into new opportunities and growth. On behalf of the whole Channel Partner Insight team, I would like to share my warm congratulations to each and every winner in the US MSP Innovation Awards 2022.”

About Stronghold Data, a New Charter Technologies Company

Stronghold Data is an MSP based in Joplin, MO with a proven track record of success. Founded over 30 years ago, the team continues to grow and innovate to serve clients and the market’s evolving needs. The root of Stronghold’s success lies in their core values: Building Healthy Relationships, Others Deserve Our Best, and Results Driven.

About the awards:

The North American MSP Innovation Awards by Channel Partner Insight are designed to recognize channel players and their vendors across North America who are at the forefront of innovation.

Independently run, the awards shine a spotlight on new thinking, solutions and growth in the North American channel over the past 12 months.

About Channel Partner Insight:

Channel Partner Insight provides leaders of resellers, distributors, MSPs and other specialist consultancies with exclusive analysis of the fast-changing channel sector in Europe and the US, helping them to make smarter business decisions.

The transatlantic title, launched in 2019, is owned by London-based Incisive Media.

With journalists based in the UK and the US, CPI provides high-quality journalism for channel business leaders, taking a uniquely transatlantic view on the market.

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