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Banks and financial firms in and around Joplin have relied on Stronghold Data Finance Technology Services for 31 years. We customize your hardware and software to deliver highly personalized, industry-compliant and secure Finance Technology Solutions so you can exceed aggressive customer demands and edge ahead of competition. We specialize in IT support for CPA, IT support for Financial firms, IT Support for Accountants and more. With the support from our Fintech experts, you are guaranteed to remove downtime from your network, enable proactive monitoring and problem resolution for your entire network, ensure the integrity, redundancy and availability of your critical data backups, and have a local helpdesk available on demand to ensure you always get the right support at the right time.


Personalized IT Support for Financial Firms

The growing demand for mobility and increased competition from FinTech firms is continuously changing the financial industry landscape. Banks today are highly aware that they are a primary target for highly sophisticated cyber-attacks even as their customer’s demand increasing mobility.

Stronghold Data’s digital innovation strategies can help banks strike a balance between constructive security measures and modernizing digital touchpoints for enhanced customer experience. We provide you with the right technical tools and stratagems to help move your banking operations to environments that excel in providing customer comfort, 360-degree protection, and remain compliant with evolving industry regulations.


With most insurance and accounting firms facing major roadblocks in their quest for digital transformation, Our Finance Technology Services are ideally suited to rapidly change existing processes. Organization-wide digital transformation can help you quickly build a counter against rising negative impacts of legacy infrastructure such as false claims, inadequate underwriting, and long processing times. Stronghold Data’s niche knowledge of application creation and product engineering can help financial companies and banks incorporate cutting-edge financial technologies and solutions to enhance user comfort and secure all transactions and data.


Stronghold Data’s services model for driving cost efficiencies in fintech companies is built upon optimizing the efficiency and functionality of your organization’s core IT infrastructure through empowering a stable and sustainable ecosystem. This ensures that your business and operational processes stay cost-effective in the long run. Stronghold Data’s long-standing partnerships with leading service firms can help your organization remove complexity from products and processes and reduce costs in order to strengthen margins.


Multi-channel communication and AI-enabled intuitiveness should now be a given in every financial firm’s arsenal. Financial transactions can be a tricky or intimidating experience for many customers and banks need to enable intuitive communication through voice, text, video, presentations, streaming media, global connectivity, customized services and more in order to better connect and communicate with customers and service partners.

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Best Technology

Financial services customers need counselling and guidance on the best fit technology solutions for their business. Fintech specialists at Stronghold Data can guide you on how best to source technology and also ensure that your overall information technology framework is strategically aligned with business growth objectives.


Our team is specialized in helping clients in financial and insurance services to absorb acquisitions in developing growth markets.


Stronghold Data experts work closely with clients to detect high-value decision-making opportunities that can be technically enabled, put in place decision-making accountability, and help build sustainable behaviors.


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Secure IT Support for Finance

Our custom-tailored technical solutions for the finance and insurance industry can help you leverage that last extra bit of mileage from your current technical investments while also transforming the value delivery of your business.

Optimal Network Performance

We can help your enterprise reimagine device landscapes and attain and exceed business-related IT objectives. We unlock efficiencies through aligning your IT with market value. Stronghold Data’s fintech experts can help you consistently derive optimal performances from our arsenal of technology resources thanks to our efficient-by-design network designs. We can help you build an adaptively secure and compliant network combined with quick and robust network deployment services and 24/7 support to keep your engines humming round the clock. Stronghold Data’s trademark approach to network management can help ensure efficient configuration for your network architecture through dedicated hardware and implemented software that results in significantly improved performance over time.

Customized 24/7 IT Support

Thriving businesses are built on robust business support. Our managed IT support services enable your organization in Joplin with on-demand remote and onsite support with expert assistance and effective data monitoring. Our 24/7 Finance IT Support services can be customized to suit your financial organization’s unique requirements to service part or all of your IT infrastructure and provide SLA-backed support, maintenance, and management guarantees 24*7*365.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Avoid business threats such as system failures and data loss with Stronghold Data Finance IT Solutions. Our accredited Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service can help your organization ensure business continuity. Our array of IT disaster recovery services are driven by niche business expertise and strategic technical alliances. Our highly flexible and comprehensive business continuity platform can help you finally integrate legacy applications and data sources into one consolidated platform. Our IT disaster recovery tools and strategies will empower your team with the requisite confidence necessary to adapt to highly volatile situations. Most importantly, our DRaaS strategies and tools can help your business build resilience at the grassroots by leveraging the centralized management interface on the cloud with robust backup policies that can safeguard an array of enterprise workloads.

Local HelpDesk

We deliver niche industry expertise with local talent delivered right to the doorstep of your business in Joplin. We provide your IT infrastructure with round-the-clock surveillance and help you overcome issues and bottlenecks with remarkable agility from our dedicated help desk services. You will also get access to our on—demand, on-site support and uninterrupted expert assistance for all your business and operational IT needs.

Predictable Cost

Our team of seasoned managed service providers can help you predict costs and keep your IT expenditures sustainable for years on end. Our managed network services are available at a flat rate along with significantly lowered upgrade costs thanks to our longstanding strategic industry and business partnerships.


Compliance is the backbone of any well-managed Finance Technology Services. Our specially-designed and routinely updated Finance Technology Solutions will help you stay well ahead of industry, data and geographical compliance frameworks.

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