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The preferred partner in IT Services for State and Local Government.

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An Award Winning IT Support Company
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Stronghold Data is the most trusted Government IT Solutions Provider in Joplin.

For over 30 years, we have helped state, regional and local governments digitize, optimize, and upgrade infrastructure to meet evolving demands and counter threats. We have a deep understanding of the complex landscape of the public sector and in-depth experience with the persistent technical and budgetary challenges in government agencies. This makes us ideally situated to deliver secure, reliable, innovative and powerful technical solutions to complex problems. We pride ourselves in being instrumental in delivering highly responsive public services to citizens.


Our Managed IT Services for Government will allow your agency to offer highly secure, seamless and reliable services to your citizens while saving on costs and improving quality of interactions with citizens. Government IT applications and robust infrastructures powered by Stronghold Data enables seamless, intuitive and protected interactions between government departments and citizens.

Stronghold Data IT Services for Government specializes in providing support for unified communications, contact centers, data networking and services. Our Local Government IT Solutions are designed to integrate with technologies in multi-vendor environments using open industry standards so your agency is empowered to expand its communication capabilities using its existing setup.

Stronghold Data Government IT Support can help government departments deliver on promises through transformative and cost-effective solutions. We enable agencies to simplify complex communications, manage efficiencies better, enable seamless employee and public collaboration and achieve consistently improved levels of citizen satisfaction and public safety.

Trusted Government IT Services and Solutions Providers

Stronghold Data has a strong track record of delivering highly secure, mission-critical IT solutions to government agencies. Stronghold Data’s Government IT Support team is composed of engineers who have spent decades working on dedicated public projects and designing technical solutions from the ground up. The experts have decades of combined engineering, business and technical knowledge, and adopt a highly calculated approach to each project that focuses on mitigating risks and deploying a coordinated approach. Our solutions are guaranteed to deliver a high degree of cost efficiency over the years, ensure satisfaction of both public service agents and end users and earn the trust we are known for.

Security Solutions

Stronghold Data Government IT Solutions offers specialized security features in intrusion detection, scanning, monitoring, investigation and threat prevention. We can help your agency design and implement security policies and best security practices effectively to keep both public data and government networks safe from illicit access and manipulation.

Cloud Services

Stronghold Data Managed IT Services for Government provides both private and public cloud offerings that can support the growing demands for agility and scalability in any state or local government department. Our services cover everything from Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to Software as a Service (SaaS) and all requisite services critical to the operations of a public agency.

Onsite or Offsite Data Backup

With rising incidences of cyberattacks, data backups have become critical for the business continuity of public agencies and the sensitive public data they keep. We understand how critical it is for public agencies to ensure the integrity of this data as it can prove non-retrievable after attacks, such as ransomware. Stronghold Data specializes in providing highly secure, and reliable onsite and offsite backups with guaranteed regular updating and availability. Our experienced technicians will counsel you and help you implement a backup method that is perfectly suited to meet your agency’s needs. This could potentially involve onsite, offsite, or a hybrid approach depending on your security requirements. The hybrid approach is essentially a mix of onsite backup with the added security of offsite storage.

Enterprise Intelligent Workflow

Stronghold Data engineers will design, develop and implement Intelligent Workflows so you can conveniently automate business processes. We achieve this with the help of our proprietary tools that are highly effective at streamlining workflows for enhanced efficiencies and productivity.

Enterprise IT Help Desk Support

Even public agencies need the convenience of highly responsive and efficient customer and contact centers to support their daily business operations. Stronghold Data Government IT Support specializes in customer services, backend office support, emergency response and more with our full service call center packages. We unlock previously untapped customer service cost efficiencies with painstaking innovations in automation, analytics, self-service and knowledge management.

Advantages of Stronghold Data
Government IT Solutions and Services

Stronghold Data has long been a preferred partner to government IT clients across the region. Our technical solutions are designed to leverage technology as a tool for making a significant difference in the quality of public service and cost efficiency in government agencies. Our IT communications solutions for governments include:

Enabling cost-savings without compromising on quality of service

We understand the multi-faceted complexities of tighter department budgets at federal, state and local levels of government. This is why our technicians focus on designing communication solutions that are not only seamless and reliable, but also cost-effective. Our scalable unified communications solutions enable public service agents across the state, region and country to stay seamlessly connected and collaborate efficiently while saving on communication costs.

Flexible communications

We know just how critical it can be for government agents to be able to reach the right people at the right time. Stronghold Data’s mobility services are designed to offer instantaneous IT support for communications and security across a range of mobile devices. This enables you with a high degree of flexibility so your services are ready to meet any mobility challenges the situation may present.

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