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Stronghold Data is Joplin’s premier destination for IT for Manufacturing

From complete IT outsourcing, business process optimization, custom app, governance risk in compliance, to IT staff augmentation – Our IT Services for Manufacturing offers full-spectrum support for manufacturing companies in Joplin.

We know you love your product. We just help design, build and deliver it better to your end-users. With Stronghold Data’s Manufacturing Technical Solutions, you will be sprinting through your growth cycles with faster innovation, better product design, a security-first approach and more optimized business processes. Stronghold Data’s technical team has been involved in delivering niche industry support in manufacturing for over 30 years. Our Manufacturing IT Services have been carefully honed over three decades of studying the core and unique needs of manufacturing companies across Joplin and neighbouring areas. We aren’t exaggerating when we say that what sets us apart from other IT Services for Manufacturing Companies is that we know exactly what it takes to win as a manufacturing company in Joplin. We help you build and sustain the core infrastructure framework that can sustain and grow business year after year.


We ensure your manufacturing company success with:

24/7 highly proactive support

Local, highly experienced engineers for onsite issues

Service Desk specializing in extensive manufacturing and engineering support experience

Proactive Monitoring Tools

Robust Network Security

Guaranteed Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

Regular testing to ensure the integrity of your perimeter and defenses

So don’t squander your business potential debating the need for IT Services for Manufacturing. Call us today and let us show you the difference it can make to your business processes and delivery. Your business deserves the peace of mind of working with IT specialists who know the industry inside out!

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Benefits of IT Services for Manufacturing

Complete IT Outsourcing

An IT outsourcing partnership can help you get the tranquility necessary for next-level product innovation. You know your business is safe in the hands of manufacturing IT specialists who manage your infrastructure and business processes end-to-end. Our Manufacturing IT Solutions covers all your infrastructure needs, custom and packaged applications, and even offers bilingual help desk tech support as well as empowering your business processes to effectively deliver IT projects. We take care of complete hardware and software lifecycle management and procurement making sure your infrastructure is always ready to deal with any new challenges or sudden spikes in demand. Despite optimal productivity and efficiency figures, we will also help you achieve ultra-cost efficiencies in the long run to keep your ROI and bottom line healthy and moving consistently upward.

24/7 Support

We provide comprehensive 24*7*365 comprehensive IT Support for mission-critical manufacturing business apps. Our technical specialists are at your side at any time of day or night whenever you face a technical issue or query.

Industry-leading IT security and disaster recovery

We ensure your business remains protected from all threats inside and outside with enterprise-grade protection that is built into your business and technical processes and can even be integrated across your supply chain. We also have your software and systems covered with IT best practices, so you can meet and exceed all applicable data and industry compliance frameworks and security needs.

Bespoke IT development with Scalable IT

We match your unique business requirements with the right manufacturing IT solutions. We can even help you integrate manufacturing floor technologies in order to make your production processes more agile and productive, gather necessary data and use powerful analytical tools to make informed, real-time shop floor and business decisions. We help your infrastructure framework to be scalable by design so your business can grow unhindered.

budget-friendly pricing-icon
Budget-friendly pricing

No matter what your budget, Stronghold Data’s Managed IT Services support solutions can help keep your IT costs minimal and highly predictable ensuring stable and growing returns year after year. Our services are available at highly affordable, flat monthly fees. We also offer subscription models that help you get all the technical support you need at budget-friendly prices.

Specialists in IT support for
Manufacturing and Engineering

We understand that Manufacturing companies are driven by the need for constant innovation and adaptability as the business is spurred on by strong economic pressures and market demands. In order to serve these needs effectively, manufacturing companies need cost-effective and robust IT environments that are always ready to meet today’s fast-paced changes head-on.

Our Manufacturing Technical Solutions enable manufacturing companies with the right guidance for the necessity to acquire, develop and manage their technology better to quickly scale the next stage of growth for their business. We unlock your true business potential with highly effective Manufacturing IT Solutions that you can apply at scale and grow faster than estimated with fully managed Manufacturing IT services.

IT support for Manufacturing

Joplin manufacturing companies look to us to help ensure the right mix of strategy and IT infrastructure in order to maximise productivity, make more informed, data-driven decisions on the shop floor and in their business, and improve communication between departments and with end-users in order to better convey product benefits and improve sales. With Stronghold Data’s industry-leading integrated business continuity and disaster recovery technology, you are guaranteed near-zero downtime even during disasters and emergencies such as cyberattacks and we can help your services stay uninterrupted for customers as you resume normal operations with minimal delay and impact on business processes.

24/7 IT Support

With our enterprise security firewalls, real-time network monitoring and security and highly proactive and automated response strategies to threat mitigation and management, your business remains covered 24/7 365 day a year.

Request a Free Consultation with Manufacturing IT Services experts today for an in-depth understanding on how we can position you for industry excellence with the right technical framework. Our IT services for manufacturing companies can help you reach and exceed your business goals much faster than you thought possible.

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