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We know your struggles with championing a cause. Be it limited budgets, fundraising problems or near zero technical capacities, nonprofits face an uphill task in pushing forward as an organisation. Stronghold Data IT services for nonprofits makes that mammoth task a lot easier by making your technology work for you in every facet of your organization. Our technical team specializes in understanding the niche challenges of nonprofits and our IT Services for Non Profit are designed specifically to help you overcome those challenges. Our Nonprofit Management Solutions ensure that your cause doesn’t just survive, but thrives. Nonprofit Technology Solutions are designed to boost the impact of your fundraising and collaborative initiatives. We can help your organization make a difference and extend your impact manifold with customized Nonprofit Tech Solutions. With the right technology partner and carefully honed strategy, IT Support for Non Profit can help you achieve your next year’s milestones much sooner.

Don’t wait to get the IT support for nonprofit organizations you deserve. Champion your cause with our managed IT services for nonprofits.

Non Profit Organization

Customized Technology Solutions designed to serve your Nonprofit core needs

Our team of Nonprofit technical experts take the time to understand your organization’s core needs and customize our services to specifically address them. We help you get your company more streamlined, organizational processes transparent and efficient and help you communicate better both internally and externally with your extended network of partners, donors, volunteers, and well-wishers.


Nonprofits have a big target on their backs when they prove to be successful in fundraising and attracting big donors. Maintaining donor loyalty over years also means committing to protect their identity and other donor data. This means starting out early to lay down a strong foundation for your cybersecurity framework. The first step is through engaging Stronghold Data cybersecurity experts to assess the current status of your IT and security frameworks and identify vulnerabilities with penetration testing. Our experts will help you prioritize your network security requirements and help you maintain compliance in financial transactions and confidence in your security footing. We can help your donors feel confident that they are indeed dealing with a highly professional and technically competent organization that can keep their information secure. Stronghold Data solution architects will also assess your organization’s risk management strategy and help you design a custom, end-to-end solution that covers all critical touchpoints in your network and secures them.

Cloud Migration

Cloud is the way forward for organization’s of all sizes. We can help your organization grow more agile, scale quickly and reach donors and volunteers across the world with cloud mobility solutions. Our technical experts will carefully assess your needs to determine the best cloud fit for your nonprofit’s needs. Our vast network of partner integrations will help you get the best possible value out of your cloud investments and help keep your upfront and operational costs low with exclusive partner discounts. Our specialists will own your cloud migration process end-to-end from thorough needs assessment to effective device configurations to hosting and managing your cloud infrastructure. We will help you leverage the cloud to effectively realize your mission’s long-cherished goals.

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Data analytics and business intelligence tools have become indispensable for organizations wishing to make a real impact on the community they serve. We can help you deploy and manage the right analytics platform that helps you harness the power of your data to get actionable insights for impactful research and budget planning. Work smarter, not harder and minimize time wasted on inappropriate donor engagements. Better analytics can help you channel your efforts towards the right donation channels through donor demographic analysis that also takes into context changing market and social situations. We can help you improve on donor recurrence rates with quantifiable data that helps donors realize their impact with real-time data. These tools can also help you unleash better productivity and enable revenue forecasting through tracking staff activity and using data-driven performance benchmarks. You probably won’t realize the extent of the impact our specialists can help you achieve by using real-time data to quickly pinpoint different ways to to realize your impact. We will help you design and deploy an analytics solution that’s customized to serve your unique needs and manage your data center requirements so it can always accommodate your changing storage and processing needs.

Premier Nonprofit IT Service that’s Just Better by Design

At Stronghold Data, we have a proud history of serving nonprofits for over XYZ years. We understand the passion behind your mission and help your organization plan, implement, and manage systems custom-designed to serve their unique technical needs. We can help you stay not just abreast, but ahead of the technology curve and ensure business continuity for your company no matter how challenging an issue or disaster you might face.

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End-to-end Comprehensive IT Services

Our IT support services for nonprofits are meticulously crafted to offer flexibility and adaptability to evolving needs. We are committed to maintaining your IT costs at a consistent and predictable flat rate, allowing you to direct your efforts toward fulfilling your organizational mission. Our comprehensive services encompass unlimited remote and on-site help desk support, proactive network management, and continuous IT planning provided by experienced experts with extensive experience in nonprofit-focused IT.

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Supplemental IT Support

Take some of the burden off your in-house IT teams with our supplemental IT support that can be customized to quickly patch any gaps in staffing or expertise. Our team members excel in a collaborative approach and niche expertise that help you streamline your workflows.

IT Planning

Our strategic IT planning and consulting helps you identify opportunities where technology can better leverage your capacity as an organization. The right IT partner can help you extend impact, and be heard and seen manifold while also ensuring seamless operations and communication.

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Cloud Management

We help you harness the cloud to push forward your ability to scale and be agile in leaps and bounds. Our experts specialize in evaluating and implementing cloud and hosted solutions to serve your unique business and technical needs. We guarantee seamless functionality and integrity of data with minimum impact on business processes as you transition over to new environments.

Backups & Business Continuity

We help you choose and implement the right combination of remote backups, disaster recovery, and business continuity solutions that fit your budget and operational needs just right to guarantee your peace of mind.

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