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Many industries often find themselves utilizing important applications to make their businesses run. Chief among these industries are manufacturing and public sector (government). Businesses in these sectors will typically use some combination of internal and external applications. A major problem that arises is that these application processes don’t always work well together.

This is where a new concept known as Managed Application Services (MAS) comes in. Most businesses already have an IT department, or Managed Services Provider (MSP) for their technology, but one key area that gets overlooked is application specialization. An MSP that can provide MAS for your business stands to put you ahead of your competitors.

What is MAS?

Why Managed Application Services?

                   Ways in which Managed Application Services can help your business.

MAS provides a wide variety of application services; from development, maintenance, support, documentation, monitoring, modernizing, and managing key applications. MAS ensures that your critical applications are stable, secure, and always performing optimally.

Managed Application Services go hand in hand with Digital Transformation

Organizations like to make ambitious goals when it comes to digital transformation, and rightly so. In an age where cybercrime is rampant, having safe, secure, and efficient technology is vital. But the reality is, digital transformation is hard to achieve for a number of reasons, mostly because of ‘poor IT management’. Poor IT management takes many forms, including mismanagement, lack of support, and failure to train users.

This is exacerbated when designated individuals (and there’s usually only a couple) leave the company, taking their knowledge with them. And then the cycle repeats.

The role of MSPs with Managed Application Services

Nationally recognized MSPs (like Stronghold Data) can help alleviate the frustration and help your business finally achieve real, lasting, and sustainable digital transformation. For organizations built on the backs of applications, this means using MAS to help accomplish that digital transformation. With MAS, we can reduce business continuity risks, free up staff to do more strategic work, build custom automation applications and help existing applications work together better.

To learn more about how Managed Application Services can improve your business, contact us today.