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What is necessary to properly manage a Microsoft 365 Tenant?

Microsoft 365 is increasing its capabilities every month, and with those new and enhanced features, there are also policies and configuration settings that need to be managed to ensure the best user experience, security, and effective use of the capabilities of this platform.

Why Do I Need It?

As the features within Microsoft 365 have increased, so has the need to properly manage this platform. Every time a feature is added, the policies that were previously covering all the options now need to be revised and brought to current standards. While security is heavily impacted, this also is required from a compatibility standpoint, and for continued effective use of the paid licenses and features.

While this is living “in the cloud”, there are still tasks required to manage and maintain this platform.

We want optimal client experience and safety through the use of Microsoft 365, so we are providing the services below:

  • User License management and review
  • User and Group changes
  • Security best practices and baseline policies
  • User and Device baseline policies
  • Anti-Spam and Anti-Phishing detection rules and management
  • Monthly reporting of compliance to our Standards Baseline

Managing these at scale, along with keeping up with the enhancements made by Microsoft, requires additional tools and continued training. We are investing in our understanding and continually improving our management of these services to ensure we are setting up your organization to best benefit from your cloud services.

More Information

To see how Microsoft 365 Management can fit into your organization’s IT management strategy, please refer to Managed Cloud Services. If you are a current managed services client, please contact your vCIO to discuss this in more detail.