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Employee Spotlight is a Stronghold Data blog series meant to share the stories of the amazing individuals that make up our team. We know every team member offers a unique skillset to help our clients at every step of the way, and we’re proud of it. From the Engineers to Sales and Marketing, to HR and Executives and everyone in between, we want to tell you our stories. Check back for a new Spotlight and learn more about the people that make us Stronghold Data.

This week meet Greg DePratt, vCIO.

How long have you been employed at Stronghold Data?

I’ve been employed at Stronghold Data for three years, seven months and counting, as of May 2021.

Why did you join Stronghold Data?

I joined the team because I love to do I.T. and sadly I’m not rich.

What is the most interesting or favorite part of your job?

It is an amazing opportunity to help people. There is so much that we can do to help others. I love leading a team and helping them learn, so that they can help others.

What are some cool projects you’ve seen our clients do with Stronghold Data’s services/products?

I have onboarded multiple clients. Finding them in a terrible I.T. state and being able to help them get up to speed so that we can then hand them off to managed services is something I find really cool.  I’ve lost count of how many clients I’ve helped onboard!

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

Being part of a team that cares about each other and is working toward the same goal. That goal is helping clients improve their businesses and protecting them from all the IT threats that exist in the world.

When you think of Stronghold Data’ culture, what 3 words come to mind?

Three words that come to mind are hungry, humble, and smart.

What are your hobbies outside of Stronghold Data?

My wife and I are remodeling our 4th “Flip house”.  One of those four houses we built new. We started on one about a year ago and we have completely gutted and remodeled the kitchen, remodeled two bedrooms, replaced all the plumbing, upgraded electrical and repaired framing issues.  Right now, we are in the middle of a complete bathroom redo.  I also like to work on cars. I do most maintenance and repairs on our vehicles, including a 68 AMC Javelin that I’ve owned for about 20 years.

Tell us one interesting fact about yourself.

If there was an unlimited amount of time in a day/life, I’d like to learn how to do just about everything.

Rebecca Moore

Sales and Marketing Specialist at Stronghold Data