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With the right IT support, your business can become more efficient. But what exactly does “more efficient” mean in this scenario?

Well for starters, it means you can reduce downtime, decrease on-the-job stress, and remove common operating issues. In other words, a whole lot of good can come from one simple solution.

Here are three reasons an IT helpdesk can help your business operate with more efficiency.

Ticket me up.

Imagine how much better life at the office would be if all you had to do to fix an IT issue was submit a ticket. It’d be awful nice, wouldn’t it? If this were the case, then you could replace all those hectic Google searches with 30 seconds of typing.

Well, when it comes to an IT helpdesk, that’s typically the way support is handled.

Instead of sitting on hold with a technician for thirty minutes or wondering who to even call to begin with, simply write up a quick email or jump onto an app. That’s usually all it takes to submit a service request with an IT Provider.

After the request is submitted, it’s automatically sorted, prioritized, and assigned to a technician. In other words, nothing slips through the cracks and every request gets handled free of stress and confusion.

I’ll have a side of remote with my assistance.

So you submit a ticket, right? And then 10-15 minutes later, that technician gives you a call.

Thankfully, your issue seems like a small one. But instead of asking you to check IP addresses and click miscellaneous buttons, the technician remotely accesses your system. Within 90 seconds, your issue is resolved and you can carry on your day like nothing ever happened.

Most every IT helpdesk has some form of remote assistance software that operates similar to the above scenario. The technician can reach into your system, research the problem, and resolve issues without an on-site visit. Ultimately, this equates to less downtime and greater efficiency.

I like my techs knowledgeable.

Technology can be a complicated thing. Even when the problem is a small one — like when the cord accidentally unplugs itself or the computer simply needs to be restarted — it can seem like the end of the world.

You panic. You push buttons that shouldn’t be pushed. And ultimately, you make the problem worse.

Partner with an IT Provider and this will no longer be the case.

With an all-access pass to an IT helpdesk, you can receive the ongoing support and guidance of knowledgeable technicians. These guys and gals can help you work through IT issues with efficiency and in the process, avoid unnecessarily escalating a problem.

Typically, these knowledgeable techs are more than willing to provide you with the guidance you need to resolve common IT hurdles. They view your partnership with them as a relationship, and they want nothing more than to see your business succeed.

Do you have questions regarding an IT helpdesk or is your business looking for a reliable IT outlet? If so, give Stronghold Data a call today. We’d love to talk.


Rebecca Moore

Sales and Marketing Specialist at Stronghold Data