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What is Application Ringfencing?

Application Ringfencing adds a line of defense first by defining how applications can interact with each other, and secondly, by controlling what resources applications can access, such as networks, files, and registries. Ringfencing is an invaluable tool in the fight against fileless malware and software exploits.

Why Do I Need It?

Application Ringfencing is another layer to protect your data and systems from malicious behavior:

  • Stop fileless malware and limit damage from application exploits
  • Define how applications integrate with other applications
  • Stop applications from interacting with other applications, network resources, registry keys, files, and more that they shouldn’t be
  • Stop applications from interacting with built-in tools such as PowerShell, Command Prompt and RunDLL
  • Stop built-in tools from accessing your file shares

More Information

To see how Application Ringfencing can fit into your organization’s risk management approach, please refer to Information Security. If you are a current managed services client, please contact your vCIO to discuss this in more detail.